Monday, July 26, 2010

Genting Highlands - City of Entertainment

Here I am at Genting Highlands, City of Entertainment. I went there last Saturday with my sisters. We stopped at Shell Station just before the exit to Genting for our breakfast. We arrived around 11:30am.Immediately we went for Space Shot ride as there were still not many people queing butt was not on the seat when it went down..kind of scary but it was fun.Then, we played most of the ride including the cockscrew, cyclone, antique car, spinner, flying dragon etc till night.Well, at night was better coz we can save time queing. I rode the Super Toboggan again just to get the different feeling at night. Before went home, we wandered around the First World Plaza to buy souveniers. For me, chocolate :-) We reached home around 11:40pm. Luckily, the weather condition was great when i drove down the hill. Haahhh...what a great weekend.. I wish I can play in the Theme Park all year long with The Genting Theme Park Annual Passport where I can save the cost and play with a peace of mind :-)

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